What To Do After The Two Week Body Detox Diet

Detoxification: The removal of poisons or toxins from the body.

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At the end of the two-week detox phase, you should notice that your cravings are gone, your bowel movements should be improved, your energy should be up, and you should be losing weight and/or inches.

What Will You Do after the Two Weeks?

At the end of 14 days, you have to make a decision whether to stay on this program longer or start adding some protein. If the liver has been in bad shape, it will take some time to bring it back. Don't expect the liver to regenerate in two weeks; this is just the beginning. Some people do the Detox Phase every two months.

If you experienced excellent results during the two weeks and feel like you could go longer, I would recommend continuing as long as you can. Why change a successful action? Some people stay on it an additional one to three weeks and others continue for several months, while some are ready to come off it after 14 days, as they are craving a steak. Your body will let you know when it needs more protein.

For example, a patient came in with a huge abdomen and did the 14-day Detox Phase, lost 15 pounds and decreased cholesterol and blood pressure. His energy and sleep were great, not to mention improved bowel function. He then stopped the Detox Phase and started with more protein. His results worsened. I told him to go back on the Detox Phase and ride the wave as long as he could. He did and continued it for another two months, losing his excess stomach. He then added a small amount of protein and continued to lose weight.

What's Next?

Now that you have completed the Detox Phase, you are ready for Phase Two.

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