Detox Food: Raw Nuts and Seeds

Detoxification: The removal of poisons or toxins from the body.

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Since fat readily satisfies hunger and this program is low in fat, in order to avoid hunger you need to compensate by eating more food, more frequently.

You'll need to eat an ample amount of raw nuts and seeds between meals to prevent hunger. Raw almonds and walnuts are best. Hummus (chickpeas) is another possibility. Some people could be allergic to nuts or will experience bloating if the nuts and seeds are not germinated (soaked overnight in water), and on the next page I will explain how to do this.

• Almonds • Pecans • Sesame seeds • Cashews* • Pine nuts • Sunflower seeds • Hazelnuts • Pistachios • Walnuts • Hummus • Pumpkin seeds • Peanut butter mixed with tahini butter (raw sesame seeds)


• Highest omega 3 fatty acids of any nut. • Nutrient-dense to help satiety (feeling full). • Decrease bad cholesterol (LDL). • Nutritional factors in walnuts may prevent cancer cell growth. • Can help patients with type 2 diabetes.

Roasted nuts, like peanuts, create the biggest problem in larger quantities, and raw peanuts just don't taste good. You could have fewer peanuts and small amounts of peanut butter, providing you eat raw nuts as well and make sure the peanut butter doesn't contain added sugar or hydrogenated oils. I like dipping sliced apples in a mixture of 50 percent peanut butter and 50 percent tahini (sesame seed) butter.

Nuts and seeds grow into trees and plants. Enzymes within them activate this growth (enzymes are substances that cause and increase the speed of chemical reactions). However, inherently, nuts and seeds also have what are called enzyme inhibitors, which are tiny locks that prevent growth. Inhibit means “to hold back or keep from some action,” and enzyme inhibitors keep enzyme activity from happening until the right condition exists for the nut or seed to grow into a tree or plant capable of reproduction. The main element that establishes this right condition for growth is water.

Sometimes consuming nuts and seeds in sufficient quantity can cause unpleasant heaviness in the abdomen, even bloating and gas. This is because of the enzyme inhibitors. In other words, eating nuts and seeds without first inactivating their enzyme inhibitors forces the pancreas to work overtime, releasing lots of its own enzymes. A stressed pancreas will slow digestion and cause bloating. When this happens over an extended period of time, you start to lose your enzyme reserves and, without all of your enzymes, you'll have a hard time digesting foods like cruciferous vegetables. People mistake this condition for an allergy to the cruciferous vegetables. Studies performed on animals that were fed nuts with enzyme inhibitors in tact showed a doubling in size of the animals' pancreases, stunted growth, impaired health and decreased enzyme reserves.

So, how do we handle this problem?

Squirrels bury their nuts in the ground to activate the enzymes and deactivate the enzyme inhibitors. (That's one thing you could do, but first let me get my camera!) You could also cook the nuts and seeds, although the heat would destroy the nutritional value, since enzymes are very sensitive to any heat. This is why you should consume raw nuts rather than roasted nuts. The best thing to do is activate the enzymes in the nuts and seeds to start the process of germination (germinate means “to cause to sprout or grow”).

Here is the way you do this:

1. Soak your seeds and nuts in filtered or spring water overnight—12 hours is ideal—in a covered glass or metal container. Cheesecloth makes a good cover.

2. In the morning, rinse the seeds and nuts several times to drain off the fluid containing the enzyme inhibitors.

3. Let them dry on some surface like a wire strainer that will let air permeate. You might find that they stay moist, which is fine as long as you keep them in the refrigerator until you eat them. It is best to soak only the quantity of seeds and nuts you will eat within 4 to 5 days, because soaking makes them more “alive” and more susceptible to spoiling. If you can't eat them within that time, you could use a dehydrator to remove all the water; set it at 105 degrees F (not more because, remember, the good enzymes are sensitive to too much heat) for 18–24 hours.

4. Start eating. You are now consuming live superfood. This process of germination will not only take stress off your digestive system, it will also increase the availability of additional active enzymes, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

5. Store what you don't eat in a glass container in your refrigerator to increase shelf life and freshness, as germinated seeds and nuts do not keep as long.

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