Body Detoxification

Medications of all kinds have side effects on the glands, especially the liver. Psychiatric drugs deplete hormones and also make it hard to lose weight. Hormone-replacement hormones and birth control pills both contain estrogen, which is a fattening hormone. Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory steroid (adrenal hormone), which is also fattening. Insulin is a fat-making hormone. Anticholesterol and blood pressure medications have side effects on the liver as well. Diuretics deplete minerals, which can affect the adrenal glands. Antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria, putting stress on your liver because of stress on digestion. These chemicals and others can be big barriers to losing weight.

(toxin meaning "poison", + de-, "to remove")

The liver is the main organ that is supposed to eliminate these chemicals, in two phases. In the first phase the liver tries to neutralize toxins. In the second phase it will try to convert the neutralized toxins into less harmful particles, which can be eliminated through the urine and bowel.

There are specific foods that the liver needs in the process of detoxification. These foods include the cruciferous vegitable family: cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, radish and collard greens. However, beets are especially important in phase II and help additionally with the deactivation of estrogens. I have found that patients who include half a beet in their diets each day (raw, grated on salads, or steamed, not canned) start noticing increased sex drive and improved lean muscle mass. I believe this is due to decreased estrogen, allowing testosterone to come to its normal level. Beets also allow for the clearing of the stress hormones cortisol and adreniline, which is great for people who have anxiety, constipation or sleep problems.

Removing toxins from the entire body allows the glands and organs to function at an optimal level. With less toxins, more nutrients can be absorbed. Toxins have the ability to mimic hormones and alter body functions. Super Nutrients works on all (all different types of toxic build-up).

The following are examples of substances handled by the liver in phase I and II detoxification: drugs, steroids, heavy metals, fertalizers, solvents, environmental estrogens, food additives and dyes, sulfites added in salads you buy in the grocery store (salad bars), sulfites in wines, nitrates in deli meats, synthetic perfumes and make-up absorbed through the skin, alcohol, antibiotics, cigarette smoke, protein waste from high-protein diets, pesticides, eshaust fumes, charcoal-grilled meats, paint fumes, viruses, bacteria, yeast, Candida, fungus and molds. Your own excess hormones are also either deactivated or recycled within your liver.

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